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Onyx to launch two new Android E Ink e-readers and an E Ink smartphone soon

China-based Onyx is reportedly working on two new E Ink e-readers. Both will have Wi-Fi, a touch display, 4GB of RAM and a 1 GHz CPU. They will actually be Android (v2.3) tablets, limited by the E Ink display. The BOOX R65 will have an IR touchscreen while the BOOX C65 will have a capacitive touchscreen.

Onyx Boox R65 photo

There are also reports that the company is set to launch the E43 Android phone that has a 4.3" E Ink panel and the same 1 GHz cpu in a few months.

E Ink shows a new e-reader prototype with a color Triton2 display and front light

E Ink is showing a new e-reader prototype with a color Triton (Gen 2) E Ink display and front lighting. E Ink says the displays are getting better, and it's now almost like LCDs. Even though quality is better, and production costs have gone done, E Ink still does not see mass adoption of these panels by e-reader makers any time soon.

E Ink managed to get the color filters closer to the E Ink microcapsules, which means that more light is reflected from the displays. Coupled with the front-light technologies, the displays look better then before.

E Ink presents - a tale of two cities

E Ink just shared this funny new video, comparing E Ink e-readers to tablets for reading applications. It repeats the usual advantages of E Ink: low power and sunlight readability. Interestingly, they also play on the fact that your e-reader is just a reader - it does not interrupt you with emails, messages and videos. They say "E Ink is the best for focused reading, anything less is a distraction":

I guess E Ink is trying to fight back against tablets which many people prefer over an e-reader because it can do much more. I personally love my Kindle (especially the new paperwhite). I think there's a bit advantage to low-cost, low-power, low-weight e-readers that are easy on the eyes. It's true that when you read, a device that is actually less capable will be better...

The Guardian reviews and praises the txtr Beagle e-reader

txtr 5" AAA powered Beagle e-reader "companion" isn't available yet, but a Guardian reported was given a prototype to review - and he loves it. He says that the size is excellent, and he really prefers it over his 6" Kindle - it's lighter, easy to hold and very easy to carry around.

The Guardian says that the Beagle can indeed be disruptive to Amazon's Kindle, especially for non-US customers. I guess the first test will be to see whether they actually manage to get mobile carriers to subsidize this device to around $13 as the hope.

Engadget reviews the Kindle Paperwhite and says it's the best e-reader today

Engadget posted a review of the new Kindle Paperwhite - and they say it's the best e-reader available today. The display is excellent - good resolution, improved contrast and evenly-distributed front light. The new software is also very good.

It's not perfect of course - they say it's not as easy and pleasant to hold as the Nook simple touch, and it's got only 2GB of on-board storage (with no expansion option). As a reminder, the Kindle Paperwhite is now shipping: the Wi-Fi model costs $139 (or $119 with ads) and the 3G model costs $199 (or $179 with ads).

Amazon explains the technology behind the Kindle Paperwhite front light

Amazon released a nice video showing their Kindle team explaining the technology behind the Kindle Paperwhite - mostly the built-in LED light:

The Kindle Paperwhite is a 6" touchscreen E Ink e-reader with a new display that features better contrast then ever (25% better than on the Kindle Touch), 1024x768 resolution and built-in light. The Paperwhite has 2GB of internal memory and Wi-Fi (and 3G on the 3G model). It will ship on October 1st 2012. The Wi-Fi model costs $139 (or $119 with ads) and the 3G model costs $199 (or $179 with ads).

Sega Genesis emulator ported to the Nook Simple Touch

Someone managed to port a Sega Genesis emulator to the Nook Simple Touch, and it looks rather good and playable:

The Simple Touch is an Android based e-reader, and can basically run any Android software (although you need to jailbreak it before you access Android software).

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