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E-Reader-Info is up for sale

E-Reader-Info was launched in July 2009 to follow the e-reader industry and provide information and resources to e-reader professionals and consumers. While I still believe in e-readers (I think that Amazon's Kindle is the only electronics gadgets I truly value), I simply do not have time to continue developing this site, and I have sadly decided to offer it up for sale, for an asking price of $1,500.

If anyone is interested in taking over e-reader-info, please contact me here. I think this web site has great potential if someone is willing to invest the required energy and time. E-reader-info has over 1,000 pages (posts, image pages, e-reader listing, etc.) and is very valuable in terms of SEO as it's a trusted source since 2009.

Utility Kit, our second Kindle software title is released!

We're happy and proud to announce that after over a year in development, our second Kindle software title has been released. Utility Kit is a collection of must-have applications for your Kindle, which can enhance your reading experience and make your life easier. It includes seven different applications:

  • Calculator
  • Stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • World clocks
  • Calendar
  • Units conversion
  • Notepad

Utility Kit title image

The E Ink persistency contest, your chance to win a new e-reader

E Ink displays can actually retain an image for years without power. Back in 2011 E Ink sent me a nice photo frame with an E Ink display showing a photo - and one year later and the image still hasn't changed at all. There's no battery or power source there. Now our sister site E-Ink-Info is running a cool contest - offering two e-readers to those who come up with the best application ideas for this feature.

E Ink photo frame photo

Besides making some nice B&W photo frames - what cool things can be done with a display that can stay persistent for such long times without a power source? For example gadgets that only need to change the display once a day. Just hop over to E-Ink-Info and post a comment with your idea and e-mail address (or send us the e-mail address in private). We'll choose the two best ideas, and award them with new e-readers (either a Kindle paperwhite or a Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight). This content is open for everyone. E Ink, who were kind enough to give away the two e-readers, will ship them worldwide. We'll choose the new winners on December 11th.

Kindle Nonograms now supports the new Kindle Paperwhite e-reader

We're happy to announce that our Kindle Nonograms game now supports the new Kindle Paperwhite e-reader.  Nonograms (also known as Griddlers or Paint By Numbers) are simple yet challenging Japanese logic puzzle games in which your goal is to uncover the hidden black and white picture. Download this exciting game now for $1.99! If you like SuDoKu puzzles, you'll surely love Nonograms...

Nonograms for the Kindle Paperwhite screenshot

Looking to reach e-reader consumers and professionals?

E-Reader-Info is a leading E-Reader focused site - targeting both consumers and industry professionals. Our site is read by thousands of readers each month  - people who want to learn more about e-readers, the market and the industry.

Our site represents a great opportunity to expose your product to potential customers, exactly when they look for more information and options before they decide on which e-reader to buy or what technology to use. If you want to expose your solution or technology for this fast-paced industry, our site is also an excellent choice - not many publications are focused on e-readers! We offer several ad options, and we'll be happy to extend a special discount till the end of 2012 - if you order a thee-months campaign, we'll give you one month free. When ordering a six month campaign we'll give you two :-)

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