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Samsung's Galaxy Tab Tablet computer coming soon

Samsung will reveal a new tablet called Galaxy Tab on September 2nd, and have released a short video showing it. We know it runs Android 2.2, supports flash, video calling, plays HD movies and has a GPS. It's also an e-reader. The display is 7", but we don't know whether it's an LCD or a Super-AMOLED display.

Samsung decided not to sell their e-readers in the US

Samsung has decided not to sell their e-readers in the US. At least for now:

“Based on current market dynamics, Samsung is revisiting its approach to the eReader market in the US at this time. We remain committed to the mobile entertainment market and expect to have new announcements soon.”

Via Slashgear

Samsung's E60 and E61 coming to the UK in July

Samsung announced that their E60 and E61 e-readers will come to the UK in July. The E60 will cost £299.99 (around $450). The E60 is a slider e-reader with a touchscreen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and hand-writing recognition software. The E61 is quite similar, but with a physical QWERTY keyboard instead of the touch display. Both readers have a 6" E Ink display.

Samsung E6Samsung E6

Via Engadget

Samsung releases the E6 e-reader in the US

Samsung announced that the E6 e-reader will soon be available in the US market. They have formed a partnership with Barnes & Noble for an e-book store. It'll cost $299 when launched.

Samsung E6Samsung E6

The Samsung SNE-60K is a slider e-reader (with some extra controls under the slide) with a 6" E Ink touchscreen (using a stylus), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and hand-writing recognition software.

Samsung's new E60, E61 and E101 e-readers on video

Here's a short video showing Samsung's new E60, E61 and E101 e-readers:

via Engadget (who were able to get a short hands on on these e-readers back in CES and say that the touch input is extraordinarily responsive

Samsung's SNE-60K e-reader is now available in Korea for $375

Samsung's SNE-60K is now available in Korea in the Kyobo Bookstores. It costs 429,000 Won ($375). Interestingly, Samsung says that their older 5" SNE-50K reader was a failure - they only sold 3000 units. The major complaint was the absence of wireless connection. The new reader has Wi-Fi support, and also a larger 6" touch E Ink display, bluetooth, MP3 support and hand-writing recognition. Kyobo aims to sell around 15,000 e-readers by the end of 2010.

Samsung SNE-60KSamsung SNE-60K

There are still problems in Korea's e-book market. There are only 65,000 Korean titles available, and most popular bestsellers are not sold in a digital format. The major competitor for the 60K is iRiver's Story which support more formats and costs less (359,000 Won).

Via KoreaHerald

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