Swedish Adlibris Letto e-reader (Cybook Odyssey) enjoys a successful launch

Back in June Bookeen announced that Adlibris, the leading Swedish Internet bookstore will launch its Cybook Odyssey e-reader (rebranded as Letto) in their book stores. Adlibris also opened an online bookstore. Now we hear from Bookeen that the Letto is a enjoying a good launch, with over 1,000 e-readers sold in the first day alone. Apparently Adlibris is making a massive marketing campaign which includes placing the e-reader in trains across Sweden for the travelers to enjoy.

Bookeen Odyssey photo

The Odyssey is a 6" touch E Ink Pearl e-reader with a fast processor (a 800Mhz TI Cortex A8) and Bookeen's own HSIS technology (high-speed system that supports full-motion video and scrollable browsing). It also has Wi-Fi support.

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