Sony withdraws from the US e-reader market, migrates all users to Kobo's platform

Sony announced that it is closing its Reader store in the US and Canada towards the end of March, and all Reader accounts (including their library content) will be moved to Kobo's platform. Sony says the migration process will be painless, and hopefully it will be so.

Sony PRS-T3Sony PRS-T3

Sony will also install Kobo's application on select Xperia devices. This sounds like a good deal for Kobo. It's a shame to see Sony taking this step - they were once the leaders in e-readers (back before Amazon launched their Kindle).

Source: Engadget

I feel Sony selfdestructed.I

I feel Sony selfdestructed.

I was a loyal and happy Sony ereader owner. I still think my PRS-950 is one of the most beautiful an best designed readers in existence.

But technology moved on and Sony refused to create the ereaders the customer asked for.

Modern front lighting for example is one of the best new developments in ereader technology. It is incredibly convenient. Sony refused to implement it. So while every competitor produced front lit ereaders Sony stubbornly maintained that their customers did not want front lighting. Their spokesperson even said so in public. What a terrible and foolish mistake.

Where I live Sony ereaders ruled the market. Virtually everybody bought Sony readers, but now this has completely changed. Everybody I know with an ereader switched to Kobo devices with front lighting. So did I. For a long time I waited for Sony to regain their sanity, but they never did. So I bought a Kobo Aura HD. I will not throw away my Sony PRS-950, because I still love the design of that device, but I will only use it if my Kobo ever breaks down.

I will return to Sony if they start building on the great designs they already had (PRS-650 and PRS-950). I would love them to produce a mere upgraded PRS-950 with higher resolution, faster processor and more internal memory and front lighting. With current technology they could even add a 8" screen to virtually the same frame the PRS-950 has now. I would love that and would be prepared to pay 50% more than for readers of other brands.

But I fear that morons rule Sony's ereader branch. Sony should kick them out and finally start catching up with the competition.


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