Sagem Binder e-reader

Display type: 
6" touch SiPix e-paper

Sagem's Binder has a 6" SiPix touch e-paper display, 2GB (and a microSD slot), an accelerometer. The Binder supports ePub and PDFs and a 3G modem and/or Wi-Fi.

Sagem Binder e-reader photo

Sagem is offering this to carriers under their own brand: in France SFR calls it the FnacBook (and it costs €199 - about $280) and Telecom Italia calls it the eBook. The devices will ship on November 10th.

Not a SFR product

The reader is called FnacBook because it's distributed by the Fnac group, not SFR. Fnac is the largest cultural and consumer electronic products retailer in Southern Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Portugal...), and the market leader for Books and eBook in France, with the largest "non English" eBook catalogue worldwide. This is a subsidiary of the PPR Group, managed by Pinault, Salma Hayek's husband, one of the richest men in Europe, who also owns a lot of famous companies (Puma, Gucci...). SFR just entered the project in the final stage to provide the 3G chip.

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