PocketBook Color Lux

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full-color 8" 600x800 E Ink (Triton 2) display

The PocketBook Color Lux is an 8 e-reader with a front-lit color 600x800 E Ink panel (Triton Gen 2). Other features include Wi-Fi, 4GB of flash memory and a microSD slot.

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The Color Lux will launch in Russia soon for about $315.

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Personally, as a software engineer, I feel myself very excited about this device. It could be a great choice for reading textbooks, technical literature and other serious books - because it is highly uncomfortable to look at color images, charts and graphs in black-white mode!

I have been waiting for E-Ink Triton 2nd generation devices for quite long, and, finally, happy to see an interesting product that worths the attention.

Here is an interesting video from the introduction of Pocketbook Color Lux:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bwsbqHHGDY (enable "Captions" to watch with English subtitles)

And what do you think about this device?  Would it start the new golden era of e-book readers?

Review of Pocketbook Color Lux

Here is an interesting video review of Pocketbook Color Lux:

(enable "Captions" to watch with English subtitles )

On this video, you could see this excellent new-era E-Book reader in action! 

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