Nook simple touch with glowlight

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6" touch E Ink

The Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight is an E Ink reader with reading light. It's basically the same as the original Simple Touch - a 6" 800x600 Pearl E Ink display that supports touch, 2GB of internal memory, a microSD slot and a micro-USB connector. There are a few changes though: it's 5% lighter than the original at 197 grams and the screen is covered with anti-glare coating. B&N says that eye-strain will be pretty similar to that experienced with a backlighted LCD tablet. Battery life is about 1 month with light on (and 2 month with the light off).

Nook simple touch with glowlight photo

The Simple Touch with glowlight is now shipping for $139 ($40 more than the original Simple Touch).

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