Digitimes research: 740,000 e-reader shipped in April-May, Nook leads over Kindle

Update: these are actually shipments from manufacturers to vendors, not from vendors to consumers. Sorry about the confusion!

Digitimes research says that 740,000 e-readers were sold in April-May worldwide. Interestingly, The Nook sold 270,000 and the Kindle sold only 118,000.

Barnes and Noble Nook photo

Digitimes says that Amazon is reducing their Kindle inventory as they prepare to launch the new version in July-August. Production cost and street price of the new kindle will be lower (not sure if even lower than the price announced yesterday...). Sony is also expected to release a new reader in July, and B&N will release one or two modules by the end of the year (maybe this is the Wi-Fi only version, we're not sure about that too).

Nook in April-May

Some writers did point out that this was the number sold by the manufacturer/assembler to the Vendor, not sold to customers direct, and the Nooks ware going to all Best Buy stores that month for first time appearance in thos stores, so this would obviously be stock for Best Buy nation-wide and for Barnes and Noble stock as well.

I included this info when I did the blog entry when Digitimes wrote that and the statement was analyzed by some columnists.

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