August 2010

Sony - we'll compete on e-reader quality, not price

Amazon's new Kindle is already sold out

Foxit to stop selling the eSlick e-reader

iRiver Story Touch Edition

iRex returns from bankruptcy with new financing, to focus on business and enterprise markets and be called IRX

Will the ASUS Eee Tablet cost $599?

Indigo reports a big loss in the quarter, say customer response to the Kobo is good

Engadget posts a review of the new Kindle DX Graphite

Plastic Logic officially canceled the Que e-reader

Hanvon to launch a color E Ink e-reader in Q4 2010?

Shanda Bambook

The Notion Ink Adam to cost $399 to $498, depends on options

Huawei T62W

Sony to release two new e-readers soon?

iPad SLCD vs the Kindle E Ink up close

Wink XTS/X3G

Qualcomm to invest $2 billion in a Mirasol plant, production to start in 2012

Pocketbook ProBook 602/603 902/903

Pocketbook IQ

Samsung's Galaxy Tab Tablet computer coming soon

B&N - Nook sales are spectacular

Sharp to launch their e-reader soon

MerchSource Literati

Amazon - the Kindle 3 is the fastest selling yet

LG Display plans to mass produce color 9.7" and flexible 19" E Ink panels

Acer's LumiRead to ship in October (at least in Germany)

BenQ to launch a solar-powered e-reader in 2011

Borders cuts the Kobo and Aluratek e-reader prices

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