June 2010

Borders to sell Aluratek's Libre e-reader for $119

Hanvon to use Marvell's Armada 166E in upcoming e-readers

Delta is showing their 13" color e-reader, to reach the market in December 2010

EliteGroup (ECS) shows a new E-reader

B&N offers a $50 gift card with every Nook

Amazon pushes back the Kindle v2.5 release by a few weeks

Amazon pushes back the Kindle v2.5 release by a few weeks

Acer shows their upcoming LumiRead e-reader at Computex 2010

E-readers at Computex 2010

The iPad has 22% of all e-book sales (5 million books)

B&N offers free coffee to e-book software users

Massive demand for the Kobo e-reader, at least in NZ

The Green Book

The Notion Ink Adam is delayed and won't ship until November

PVI does not plan to make their own e-reader

Pandigital starts to ship the Novel e-reader, but recalls them because of multiple problems

Notion Ink founder: the Adam is on track for Q3, will have a cheaper LCD version

PVI's chairman promises color E Ink products by the end of 2010

Kindle software v2.5.2 is now ready for manual download for international Kindles

iRex Technologies files for bankruptcy

Kno e-reader

LG Display and iRiver to jointly develop e-readers

The Kindle v2.5 software is finally available to all

News Corp buys Skiff

CPT: probably all 7" 4:3 ratio e-readers on the market are using our panels

Pandigital rolled up a firmware update for the Novel e-reader

Pandigital to release a new black e-reader?

B&N announces a $149 WiFi-only Nook, and drops the 3G Nook price to $199

Amazon drops the price of the Kindle to $189

Digitimes research: 740,000 e-reader shipped in April-May, Nook leads over Kindle

Bookeen releases a software update for the Cybook Gen 3 and Opus e-readers

Pandigital Novel will only be back in stores in a month

Plastic Logic delays the Que, and cancels all pre-orders.

Amazon releases the Android Kindle App

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