March 2010

The Teclast K3 e-reader is now shipping for $229

Freescale announces new fast & cheap e-reader processor

China's BMorn announces a new narrow color e-reader

The ASUS DR-900 e-reader is official

Sony Reader Daily edition gets reviewed

Hands on with the ASUS DR-900

Color E Ink readers to appear in 2011, faster E Ink to arrive in 2012-13

Gigabyte are working on an Android E Ink e-reader

Most people who want to buy an e-reader plan to get an iPad

Boeye 9.7" E Ink e-reader video

Daza Electronics announce a couple of 6" E-Readers

1Cross Tech MIDhybrid video

1Cross Tech MIDhybrid

Samsung releases the E6 e-reader in the US

B&N promises an iPad eReader application 'around the time' of the iPad's launch

The Plastic Logic Que is delayed 'till summer'

enTourage eDGe reviewed

E-Reader-Info upgraded

Spring Design: Alex to ship by mid-April for $399

Kindle application for Mac is now available

Teclast K9

PVI shows 6" and 9.7" color E Ink prototypes, in talks with Amazon and B&N

Video of PVI's color E Ink displays shown in Shenzen's 2010 trade show

Spring Design Alex reviewed

Kindle, B&N and Skiff apps for iPad coming

comScore has released a new study about e-reader consumer attitudes, behaviors and purchase intent

Interview with Liquavista's CTO

Digitimes: global e-reader shipments to reach 28 million in 2013

Kobo eReader

Kobo announces an e-reader and apps for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and more

A WSJ iPad subscription will cost $17.99 a month

Astak drops the price of the Mentor 6" e-reader to $229

Interpark Biscuit 3G

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