February 2010

93% of e-reader owners are satisfied

Amazon buys Touchco

Samsung E61

PVI: global e-reader sales may exceed 10 million in 2010

You can now sign-up for the Kindle Dev-Kit beta

YinLips E-Book

PVI plans color, flexible, touch and video enabled E Ink displays in 2010

B&N releases a new firmware upgrade to the Nook, said to be much faster

The Nook is finally available on-line, will be in most B&N stores next week

China's Cube working on a cheap 6" touch E Ink reader

Notion Ink to hold a $1 million application competition for the Adam


DMI EB605WT video

LG plans to introduce their own e-reader in April

No iBooks for the iPad in France?

Do e-readers cause eye strain?

The Bookeen Orizon has a multitouch Sipix display and will be release in May for $250

More details on the upcoming Notion-Ink Adam

Notion Ink Adam

Samsung's SNE-60K e-reader is now available in Korea for $375

Interview with Michael Dahan, co-founder and CEO of Bookeen

The iREX DR 800SG is finally shipping ($399)

The enTourage eDGe is pushed back to March and is a bit more expensive ($499)

Amazon releases a Kindle-for-Blackberry application

Samsung's new E60, E61 and E101 e-readers on video

Samsung e-readers hands on video

Acer halted their e-reader program

Read E-Reader-Info on your Amazon Kindle

B&N: The Nook is a great success

Scribd added a new send-to-e-reader feature

Freescale talks about their e-reader solutions

A short interview with Pixel Qi's CEO

Interview with the enTourage eDGe team

Qisda QD060B00

Sagem 6" capacitive touch e-reader prototype video

Sagem shows a 6" capacitive touch e-reader prototype

Kobo eReader ads

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