January 2010

Paradigm Shift EER-051

Paradigm Shift EER-071WF

MSI working on a dual-screen e-reader, and single-screen one, too

Skiff Reader

COOL-ER Compact

COOL-ER Classic

COOL-ER Connect


Interead announces 3 new e-readers

The iRiver story is coming to the US

Spring Design has signed a deal with Google to access e-books

Amazon announces a global-wireless Kindle DX

Liquavista shows their color e-paper display

Tianjin Jinke V30+

Tianjin Jinke announces 3 new e-readers, including the first SiPix e-paper ones

Tianjin Jinke A6

Tianjin Jinke A9

Copia Ocean reader-series

Copia Tidal reader-series

Audiovox RCA Lexi

Samsung E60

Samsung E-101

The Spring Design Alex reader hands-on video

The Spring Design Alex gets a hands-on treatment from Engadget

MSI shows their dual-screen e-reader

Kurzweil's Blio e-reader software in action

Will future Kindles use Mirasol displays?

TI to offer new processors and software for e-readers

Bookeen Orizon

Plastic Logic Que

Hands on with the Plastic Logic Que

CEA predicts fast growth for e-readers, to reach a 14 million units market by 2014

Spring Design announces a partnership with Borders and a $359 price for the Alex

Hanvon WISEreader N500

Hanvon announces a range of new e-readers

Hanvon WISEreader N618

Hanvon WISEreader N628

Hanvon WISEreader N638

Hanvon WISEreader N800

Copia's e-reader software platform explained

The enTourage eDGe is now officially launching in February for $490

Marvell and Skiff team up to create a Development Kit for e-reader makers

Engadget really likes the Skiff e-reader

The Intel Reader hands-on video

iRex 800SG hands-on

Teclast K3

Boeye releases a new OEM e-reader, looks exactly like a Kindle DX


The Dulin Boox is available now for $349, and we got a long video


Apple to unveil their new product on January 27th

Apple is talking with HarperCollins on an e-book deal?

Astri shows dualscreen (E ink and LCD) e-reader prototype

Asus DR-750

Amazon to offer new Kindle e-book royalty scheme that will offer 70% to the publishers

L.E.K says that 44% of E-Reader owners increased their new media usage

Amazon to allow active content on Kindles

OPPO Enjoy

Lenovo Tianji iBook EB-605

More information Amazon's Active-Content for the Kindle

ASUS releases new photos of the DR-950 e-reader

New research: e-readers will generate $2.5 billion in sales in 2013

Acer to launch a 6" e-reader in June

Mustek MER-6T

Delta to market 13.1" color e-readers in 2Q 2010

BenQ launches their first e-reader (nReader K60) and an online content platform

BenQ nReader K60

Apple announces the iPAD tablet

Apple iPad

Brother SV-70

Sony - the new Reader is selling great (especially the Touch), no plans for a color one yet

New e-readers and e-paper webinar coming next month

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