December 2009

AUO to supply e-paper panels to China's Hanwang

Hearst soon to launch their new digital content distribution system

China and Taiwan agree to promote the EPUB file format

Entourage Edge video

Nintendo releases e-reader for kids on the Nintendo DS

Packard Bell to launch a color e-reader in September 2010

Aluratek Libre

Interead to release a new 3G e-reader in 2010

The B&N Nook - not a Kindle killer...

Borders are working on an e-reader (and an e-book service)

CNet previews the Entourage Edge

Bonnier shows a new magazine e-reader concept

Sony signs digital content deals with the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal

Notion Ink to build the first Pixel-Qi Tablet PC

Borders' CEO - we won't be building our own e-reader

KLM to offer in-flight e-readers?

A couple of B&N Nook updates

Aigo EB6301

B&N releases the Nook's update (v1.1)

Sony signs up 16 more publishers for their 3G e-reader

The Sony Reader Daily Edition is now shipping

BenQ hopes to sell 300,000 e-readers next year

Taiwan forms e-reading industry alliance

Energy Sistem eBook 1060

Amazon Kindle's copy-protection hacked

Energi Sistem eBook 2060

Kindle books outsells physical books on Christmes Day

Notion Ink's Pixel-Qi tablet update

Rumors: Lenovo are developing an e-reader

Dulin's Boox e-reader available to order, will ship in two weeks

Will Apple's new gadget be an e-reader?

Kurzweil to release a new e-reader software, the Blio

Insdream SX601

Owen E1

Digitimes: Shipments of 9.7" e-book readers to grow 300% in 2010

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