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Amazon to offer new Kindle e-book royalty scheme that will offer 70% to the publishers

Currently, Amazon gives only 35% of e-book sales to the publishers. Now they intend to offer a new scheme that will give 70% of the revenue to the publisher. But only if the publisher plays by some new rules:

  • Distribution costs are now paid by the publisher, but that should be on average a few cents per book.
  • These books must sell for between $2.99 and $9.99 and must be priced at least 20% lower than a comparable physical copy of the book. (This is good news for readers, putting a greater incentive for lower-priced digital volumes.)
  • The book must support the "broad set" of Kindle features, including text-to-speech.
  • This will only be available for books that are in-copyright and only for those sold in the US.
Via Engadget

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