Amazon to launch a 6" color E Ink touch e-reader soon?

There are reports that Amazon started to order 6" color (Triton) touch E Ink panels from E Ink. E Ink will ship over 3 million displays a month to Amazon - starting next week - which probably means Amazon will soon announce the new e-reader.


Color E Ink prototype 

Color E Ink prototype

E Ink is already shipping 9.7" Triton displays to Ectaco, used in their Jetbook color e-reader, which is already shipping in eastern Europe. They are also shipping the same displays to Hanvon for their Chinese market reader.

Just last week we posted about lack of new features hurting e-reader sales (for better or for worse). Amazon is obviously dedicated to the e-reader market, it will be great to see them release a color e-paper model soon!

via Digitimes

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