Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2013)

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6" E Ink Carta

Amazon second-gen Kindle Paperwhite (2013) has a 25% faster CPU, longer lasting battery and uses E Ink's newest Carta display for 50% contrast improvement and a 20% improvement in reflectance (which means more "whiteness"). Amazon also upgraded the front-light technology and made it a bit lighter. The Paperwhite 2013 also has some new software features - social integration via Goodreads, Vocabulary Builder (to build flashcards based on word searchers) and the Kindle Page flip which allows you to flip pages without losing your current reading place.

Amazon Paperwhite 2013 photo

The Paperwhite 2013 will cost the same as the previous Paperwhite model: $119 for the Wi-Fi sponsored model, $139 for the ad-free Wi-Fi model and $189 for the 3G version. You can now pre-order the new e-reader.

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