Amazon Kindle 3

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6" 600x800 E Ink 'pearl' display with 50% improved contrast

The new Amazon Kindle is the third Generation of Amazon's popular Kindle. The new version is smaller, and lighter but still has the same display size. They are using the new E Ink displays which have an improved constrat (by 50%!). It has 4GB internal memory (3GB available to use), USB port, Audio out and supports Kindle books, TXT, PDFs, MOBI, HTML, DOC and MP3. Here's our Hands-On review of the Kindle.

Kindle 3 photo

There are four versions of the Kindle 3: Wi-Fi only, which costs $139WiFi/3G which goes for $164, the Ad-Supported Kindle Wi-Fi for $99 and the Ad-Supported Kindle 3G which costs $139.

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