About Bookeen's High Speed Ink System (HSIS)

Bookeen has just announced their latest e-reader, the Odyssey a couple of weeks ago, and today they unveiled new information regarding their fast E Ink display system. The new technology - which they call High Speed Ink System technology or (HSIS) is based on an E Ink Pearl touch display, a TI Cortex A8 processor (which Bookeen said was developed in partnership with TI) and optimized software and algorithms developed by Bookeen.

Bookeen Odyssey photo

The Odyssey is capable of fast page refreshes, video, scrollable menus and scrollable web-browser and more - all this on a monochrome 6" E Ink pearl display of course. Bookeen has been showing prototype HSIS devices since early 2011.

Via E-Ink-Info

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