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E-Reader-Info is up for sale

E-Reader-Info was launched in July 2009 to follow the e-reader industry and provide information and resources to e-reader professionals and consumers. While I still believe in e-readers (I think that Amazon's Kindle is the only electronics gadgets I truly value), I simply do not have time to continue developing this site, and I have sadly decided to offer it up for sale, for an asking price of $1,500.

If anyone is interested in taking over e-reader-info, please contact me here. I think this web site has great potential if someone is willing to invest the required energy and time. E-reader-info has over 1,000 pages (posts, image pages, e-reader listing, etc.) and is very valuable in terms of SEO as it's a trusted source since 2009.

Sony withdraws from the US e-reader market, migrates all users to Kobo's platform

Sony announced that it is closing its Reader store in the US and Canada towards the end of March, and all Reader accounts (including their library content) will be moved to Kobo's platform. Sony says the migration process will be painless, and hopefully it will be so.

Sony PRS-T3Sony PRS-T3

Sony will also install Kobo's application on select Xperia devices. This sounds like a good deal for Kobo. It's a shame to see Sony taking this step - they were once the leaders in e-readers (back before Amazon launched their Kindle).

New E-Reader: Alcatel Magic Flip

Display type: 
4" E Ink

The Magic Flip is a small (4") E Ink e-reader by Alcatel that can connect to Alcatel's mobile phones or tablets via Bluetooth. The e-reader supports "every standard book format" and can also display notification from your phone.

Alcatel Magic Flip photo

Alcatel will release the Magic Flip in the first half of 2014.

New E-Reader: PocketBook CAD Reader

Display type: 
13.3" E Ink Fina

PocketBook's CAD reader is the first e-reader to use the new thin-glass based E Ink Fina display. This 13.3" device sports a 1Ghz dual-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage, a large 8000 mAh battery, Wi-Fi, 3G and it runs Android 4.0.4. It includes a Wacom digitizer for both touch and stylus input.

PocketBook CAD Reader photo

New E-Reader: Sony DPT-S1

Display type: 
13.3" 1200x1600 flexible Mobius touch E Ink

The DPT-S1 is a large (13.3") E Ink touch "tablet" aimed for business and education applications. The plastic-based display is E Ink's 1200x1600 13.3" Mobius flexible E Ink panel that use Sony's own flexible TFT technology. Other features include 4GB of internal storage, microSD slot, Wi-Fi and PDF support (no other formats will be supported!). The DPT-S1 is 6.8 mm thick and it weighs just 358 grams.

Sony DPT-S1 photo

The DPT-S1 will be released in Japan on December 3rd for 100,000 yen (over $1,000).

New E-Reader: Barnes & Noble's Nook Glowlight

Display type: 
6" front-lit E Ink

The Nook Glowlight is a 6" E Ink e-reader, an upgrade to the company's previous Simple Touch with Glowlight e-reader - mostly with new front-lighting technology. The Nook Glowlight weighs 175 grams and it ditches the physical page-turn buttons. The device includes 4GB of internal storage.

Barnes & Nobles Nook Glowlight photo

The Nook Glowlight costs $119 and it's available today from B&S.

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