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More details on txtr's $13 Beagle e-reader

A couple of weeks ago txtr unveiled their Beagle e-reader - a 5" E Ink device that is powered from two AAA batteries and connects to their Android e-reader software via Bluetooth. txtr said they want to partner with network operators to subsidize the device and their planned price is €9.90 (about $13). Their PR wasn't very clear, and now we have some more info from txtr's Chief Commercial Officer, Thomas Leliveld.

txtr Beagle photo

So first of all, it turns out that the txtr eBook platform uses PDF and ePub formats on the smartphone itself, which renders the pages into bitmaps and sends these to the beagle (via Bluetooth). This means that the beagle is really a very "dumb" terminal for the software. According to txtr this makes a lot of sense - everybody has a smartphone already which is great as an eBook platform. Making the e-reader itself simple allows them to reduce the price and complexity. The beagle can store several books (it's not as if you need to be connected to the phone while reading).

The Wexler Flex One - the first e-reader to use LG's flexible E Ink panels?

Back in March LG Display announced that it is already producing XGA (1024x768) flexible plastic-based E Ink panels for a Chinese ODM. Now we hear that Wexler is that ODM, and the upcoming reader will be called the Flex One. And as was expected, the device itself isn't flexible or bendable: but however it is very durable, thin and light.

Wexler Flex One photo

The Flex One features LG's 6" XGA monochrome panel, non-touch. The reader sports 8 Gb of memory, ePub and PDF support and a mini-USB port (no wireless it seems). Apparently the refresh rate is very high, and the battery is good for about two weeks of reading.

Acer's LumiRead e-book store is powered by Txtr

Germany's Txtr says that they are providing all e-reading content on Acer's LumiRead store. This store is used by Acer's Iconia Tab A500 tablet - and will be used in further devices by Acer. Txtr is in charge of operating the e-book store. Txtr's boom catalog has over 400,000 commercial books (in 'western' languages) and supports e-pub and PDF file formats. 

txtr abandoned e-reader prototypetxtr abandoned e-reader prototype

Just a few days ago we reported that 3M invested in txtr. txtr also developed an e-reader device but abandoned that project towards the end of 2010.

Bookeen release an upgraded, cheaper Opus Color e-reader

Bookeen's Opus e-reader is a small e-reader with a 5" (800x600) E Ink display with an integrated accelerometer. Bookeen has released a new version today, called the Opus Color. It comes in 7 different colors, has a new reading software (called Boo), and it's faster to run (they say it turns on instantly). Like the original Opus, the Color supports ePUB and PDF file formats, has 1GB memory and a microSD card slot.

Bookeen cybook Opus new colors photo

Bookeen also lowered the price from 215$ to $199.

Scribd added a new send-to-e-reader feature

Scribd (an online document-hosting service) announced a new feature: send-to-device. This allows you to send a document to your mobile-phone or e-reader. Currently hey support the Amazon Kindle, Nook, EZReader, COOL-ER and iREX readers. They also plan to make PDF documents available in ePub format, which will allow even more devices.

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Interview with Michael Dahan, co-founder and CEO of Bookeen

Bookeen are a France-based e-reader maker, that currently offer two models (the Cybook Gen3, available now for 350$, and the Opus, available now for 215$) and are set to release a new one, the Orizon. Michael Dahan, Bookeen's co-founder and CEO has agreed to answer a few questions. 

Q: Michael - First of all, thank you for this interview. Currently you are offering two e-readers, the Cybook Gen3 and the Cybook Opus. Can you tell us how are the sales of these models?

The sales are very good. We are sold mainly throughout Europe and have started more actively in the US. We evaluate our market share in Europe to be 25-30%. We are sold in large retail networks like FNAC or Mediamarket and have a strong presence in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. UK remains a stronghold for us, but we plan to crack it.

Bookeen Cybook Opus

The Cybook Gen3 has started its carrier in October 2007, two weeks before Kindle. Since this date, It has known several enhancements through different versions. It has been released in its last version (Gold Edition) last September. It’s a 6" E ink screen with 8-levels grayscale 170dpi/1GB/Audio/SD card slot/3 weeks battery lifetime with native support of Adobe EPUB/PDF. In this version it is delivered with a protective cover, USB charger and earphones.

The Cybook Opus is its little brother and has been launched in August 2009. It’s a 5" E ink screen with an amazing 200dpi resolution, 1GB of storage memory with possibility of extension with microSD. It has an accelerometer which enables you to switch from portrait to landscape with a flip. It is delivered with an acclaimed protective sleeve.

The Dulin Boox is available now for $349, and we got a long video

The Dulin Boox (also known as Onyx Boox) is now available for $349. The Boox supports PDF, ePub and many other text formats (and images), includes a Wacom digitizer and a fast processor. It has built-in WiFi and a Webkit browser. It also includes a basic text-to-speech function. We also have a nice (and long) video showing this new reader - it also includes an interview with the team behind this reader:

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