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Entourage closes down their online store, stops making devices

Entourage closed down their online store, and stops selling their e-reader device (the eDGe and the Pocket eDGe). Users have to download their content until May 27th before it is deleted.

enTourage eDGeenTourage eDGe

The company is still operative, and apparently working towards a slate device.

B&N settles their dispute with Spring Design in a license deal

Back in November 2009 Spring Design sued Barnes & Noble over the Nook design, which is indeed very similar to the Alex e-reader. Now we hear that the dispute was settled - and Spring Design granted a "non-exclusive, paid-up royalty free license for the entire portfolio of Spring Design patents and patent applications." to Barnes & Noble.

Spring Designs Alex photo

We don't know the financial terms of this deal, but that's one bit of good news hopefully for Spring Design who just a few days ago announced it will stop selling the Alex.

Spring Design to stop selling the Alex e-reader

Spring Design will stop offering the Alex e-reader. The Alex was very similar to B&N's Nook with two displays (6" E Ink and a 3.5" touch LCD), Google's Android OS and Wi-Fi/3G wireless.

Spring Designs Alex photo

It's not clear yet whether the company (Spring Design) will shut down or whether they have any plans for a new e-reader.

enTourage's eDGe is finally shipping for $508

The enTourage eDGE has been announced months ago, but it's now shipping - and you can buy it from Amazon for $508. The eDGe has two displays: a 9.7 touch E Ink (1200x825) and a 10.1" 1024x600 touch LCD. It runs Google Android OS.

enTourage eDGe photo

Buy it now for $508.

E-reader-for-students developer Kno raised $46 million

Kno has announced a $46 million financing round. Kno is working on student e-readers, which use two large side-by-side touch displays. The reader will be available "by late fall", and it'll cost less than $1,000.

via PaidContent.org

Kakai working on a dual-screen e-reader for the educational market?

Engadget reports that Kakai is a "secret" startup that's working on a linux-based dual-screen e-reader for the educational market. We don't know anything beside that, but they got $10 million in funding and almost 50 employees.

The Spring Design Alex is now shipping

Spring Design has announced that the Alex e-reader is now shipping for $399. The Alex has two displays (a 6" E Ink and a 3.5" touch LCD), it runs on the Android OS and has Wi-Fi or 3G.

Spring Designs Alex photo

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