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B&N released a developer SDK for the NookColor

Barnes & Noble's has released a new NookColor developer-SDK. This SDK will help you developer NookColor specific apps - which will not work on other Android tablets... The NookColor has already been 'hacked' to become a standard Android tablet...

Nook color photo

The Nook Color costs $249 and has a 7" IPS-LCD display.

Pixelar announces two new e-readers with AUO-Sipix touch displays

UK's Pixelar announced two upcoming e-readers, both with Sipix (AUO) made touch e-paper displays - the MReader 9" and the MReader 6". Both has only USB connectivity, and support ePub, Mobi, PDF and other formats. They also supports MP3. Both readers has 2GB of internal memory with expansion via SD (in the 9" model) or microSD (in the 6" model) cards.

MReader new 9-inch modelMReader new 9-inch model

Both readers should ship soon in the UK. The MReader 9" will cost £269 (you can pre-order it here). The MReader 6" will cost £219 (and here's the pre-order link).

Interview with Michael Dahan, co-founder and CEO of Bookeen

Bookeen are a France-based e-reader maker, that currently offer two models (the Cybook Gen3, available now for 350$, and the Opus, available now for 215$) and are set to release a new one, the Orizon. Michael Dahan, Bookeen's co-founder and CEO has agreed to answer a few questions. 

Q: Michael - First of all, thank you for this interview. Currently you are offering two e-readers, the Cybook Gen3 and the Cybook Opus. Can you tell us how are the sales of these models?

The sales are very good. We are sold mainly throughout Europe and have started more actively in the US. We evaluate our market share in Europe to be 25-30%. We are sold in large retail networks like FNAC or Mediamarket and have a strong presence in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. UK remains a stronghold for us, but we plan to crack it.

Bookeen Cybook Opus

The Cybook Gen3 has started its carrier in October 2007, two weeks before Kindle. Since this date, It has known several enhancements through different versions. It has been released in its last version (Gold Edition) last September. It’s a 6" E ink screen with 8-levels grayscale 170dpi/1GB/Audio/SD card slot/3 weeks battery lifetime with native support of Adobe EPUB/PDF. In this version it is delivered with a protective cover, USB charger and earphones.

The Cybook Opus is its little brother and has been launched in August 2009. It’s a 5" E ink screen with an amazing 200dpi resolution, 1GB of storage memory with possibility of extension with microSD. It has an accelerometer which enables you to switch from portrait to landscape with a flip. It is delivered with an acclaimed protective sleeve.

AUO to supply e-paper panels to China's Hanwang

China's Hanwang will start to use e-paper displays from AUO - in face AUO has started shipping 9" panels already. The products will hit the market in 2010. Hanwang aims to ship over 500,000 e-readers in 2009, and over 1 million in 2010.

Hanwang currently uses 5" E Ink panels.

Via digitimes

PVI, AUO and Delta all plan to introduce color e-paper in 2010

3 Taiwanese companies are planning to release color e-paper in 2010.

PVI (who recently bought E Ink) will start making color e-paper in the second half of 2010. They also plan to ramp-up their 6" and 9.7" flexible e-paper in the first half of 2010.

AUO plans to offer flexible e-paper samples in 2010, but estimates that the market shrare of color and flexible e-paper will be low in 2010. 

Delta expects to launch color e-paper panels in the second quarter of 2010.

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AUO - over 10 million e-readers will ship in 2010

AUO estimates the worldwide shipments of e-readers will top 10 million units in 2010. AUO hopes to ship 1-2 million e-paper panels in 2010.

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AUO to release 6" flexible e-paper in 2010, and shows a 20" e-paper prototype

AUO says they will release a 6" flexible e-paper next year (samples, anyway, with volume production to start afterwards). They are also showing a 20" e-paper module, which they say is the world's largest e-paper which is "ready for production". 

AUO 6 Flexible e-paper photo

The 6" flexible e-paper is using Sipix's (owned by AUO) Microcup technology. It is made on a plastic substrate, and can be repeatedly bended. The curved radius reaches 100mm, it features 16 gray levels, 9:1 high contrast ratio and a reflectance of 33%. It consumes power only when the image is updated.

AUO 20 e-paper photo

The 20" panel is very power efficient, requiring less thatn 2W. It also have 16 levels of gray.

Via E-Ink-Info

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