Sony: our e-readers are also selling great

Sony says that their e-readers are selling great in Japan - and in fact the Touch Edition (6") has almost been sold out. Sony has enough stock of the Pocket Edition (5") reader. In the US, The Touch Edition costs $229 and the Pocket Edition costs $179.

Sony PRS-600 photo

Sony says that sales at retail book stores have been better than expected (it turns out that they didn't think they'll sell well at book stores, but that was not the case).

Just a couple of days ago we reported that Both Amazon and B&N are reporting great e-reader sales...

via Tech-On

eReaders lover

Of course Sony will sell well, they are famous for their quality products and only the name Sony makes their eReaders better. I own Sony Reader and I'm extremely happy with I got, because it was precisely what I expected. Not more, but also not less. Everything they promised is very successfully implemented. So no disappointment here. And since I use eReaders mostly for reading, I'm completely satisfied from Sony PRS-600 for the moment. If I had more money, I'd buy the newer PRS-650, but since I didn't, I bought the cheaper option and I'm still happy. And I use the eReader everyday, reading for hours, everthing is simply fine.

So even though the average Sony Reader is more expensive than Kindle or Nook, still, the price is worthy.  Also, I was very pleasantly surprised by the accessories I found for my eReader. Now, it's definitely more stylish. And more purple :)

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