LG plans to introduce their own e-reader in April

LG's CEO KW Kim revealed today that LG will soon launch a new e-reader product, hopefully by April 2010. It will compete with Amazon's Kindle and Apple upcoming iPad.

That's all we currently know. We do know that LG Display are making E Ink based displays, and have recently shown a 19" flexible prototype. A few months ago they have also shown an e-reader with a built-in thin-film solar cell. So perhaps LG will unveil a flexible solar-powered e-reader?

LG Ereader

I look forward to seeing the LG reader. I love LG and their technology! Hopefully the devices will be affordable!

Firmware issue

Instead of releasing interviews Booken should fix The KNOWN bugs of their firmwares. With the 2.0 firmware update, titles and authors of epub files Are no more shown correctly. The firmware was released before x-mas but after 2 MONTHS Booken didn't yet fix that issue with a new firmware.
This is really annoying and by all means no professional at all.
I have already sent 2 emails to Booken customer service but all they say is that they ARE AWARE of this issue, but they don't know how long it is gonna take to fix.
Probably you just Are no more investing on your products (I own a Opus) cause you Are working on The New one... So you leave "old" models (Opus is still on shelves) alone with their bugs.
Really really professional. My best compliments.
Ad maiora.

Official Firmware Issue Answer

Hello Ad,

Believe me it's exactly the opposite. We do everything to keep all our customers on float and up to date with the new firmwares (and believe me it's a huge work). We have at least 4 versions of hardware out there from the first Cybook Gen3 (launched in 2007) with only 16MB of RAM and 64MB of Flash to brand new ones with 4 times more RAM and 1GB of Flash and completely different EPD controller.

You will have your fix for sure and it will not take so long. Giving a release date is a tricky game and (sorry) but I won't play it today .

I think we are the only eBook Reader company to support all our devices (old and new ones), proposing even 2 different firmwares according to your prefered format EPUB or MOBIPOCKET. We have even proposed an upgarde which accelerates your interface. Making your "old" device competing fairly with the latest piece of hardware on the market.

In parrallel we do our best to work on new products and propose innovating features. As all our devices rely on the same core cross-platform firmware, the Metadata bug will be fixed on all our devices the same way and thus you won't find it in Orizon.

I rely on your support to help us making better products. I invite you also to give good feedback from our products, if you think they are. It will also help us to grow.

Thank you,

Bookeen Team

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