Bookeen release an upgraded, cheaper Opus Color e-reader

Bookeen's Opus e-reader is a small e-reader with a 5" (800x600) E Ink display with an integrated accelerometer. Bookeen has released a new version today, called the Opus Color. It comes in 7 different colors, has a new reading software (called Boo), and it's faster to run (they say it turns on instantly). Like the original Opus, the Color supports ePUB and PDF file formats, has 1GB memory and a microSD card slot.

Bookeen cybook Opus new colors photo

Bookeen also lowered the price from 215$ to $199.

Boo's not new

"has a new reading software (called Boo)"

Boo's not new.  It's been on the Bookeen devices for a while now.  My Opus shows that the reading software is "Boo Reader Version 2.0 Copyright 2003-2009".

maybe it's just a new version

maybe it's just a new version of Boo?

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