Amazon is losing $5 on each $79 Kindle sold

According to an iSupply teardown, the Kindle 2011 costs $84 to make - which means that Amazon is actually losing $5 on each ad-supported device sold - which cost $79. The $84 is the cost of materials and assembly - it does not include royaly/license fees and shipping costs. Obviously Amazon is hoping to make money from ad revenue and from book/software sales.

Kindle 2011 photo

The most expensive component in the Kindle is the 6" E Ink display module - which costs $30.5 according to iSupply.

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This model does not have a touch display module, so it's pribably refering to the 2011 Kindle Touch.

oops - you're right. It

oops - you're right. It refers to the $79 Kindle non-touch, my mistake...

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