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New E-Reader: Kepub Crema Shine

Display type: 
6" 1024x758 E Ink

The Crema Shine is a 6" E Ink e-reader (1024x758) that features front-lighting, 8GB of memory, a 1 Ghz CPU with 512MB of RAM. It is based on Android v4.0.

 Kepub Crema Shine photo

The Crema Shine will ship in Korea towards the end of August.

Kobo set to release a new 6" E Ink e-reader

There are reports that Kobo is set to release a new e-reader soon. According to leaked photos and FCC filings, this will be a 6" e-reader with a 1,500mAh battery. The e-reader sports a microSD slot and a micro-USB port, and currently that's all we know.

Kobo July 2013 leaked e-reader photo

Sony's PRS-T3 E Ink e-reader passes FCC validation

Sony's PRS-T3 isn't official yet, but the E Ink e-reader just passed the FCC validation, meaning that this device is ready to be launched soon. We still do now have a lot of details - just that it's got Wi-Fi and a 3.6Wh battery.

Sony PRS-T3 FCC photo

Kobo slashes the price of the 5" Kobo Mini e-reader to $39.99 for a limited time

Kobo is now offering the Kobo Mini e-reader for $39.99 (plus $8 in shipping) for a limited time, down from the normal $79.99. The Kobo Mini is a small e-reader with a 5" E Ink touch display, Wi-Fi and 2Gb of internal memory. The display is an E Ink Vizplex, the older generation technology.

Kobo Mini photo

Amazon now offers the Kindle Paperwhite in China

Amazon is now offering the Kindle Paperwhite (and the Fire HD tablet) in China. The Paperwhite (with its 1024x768 high contrast front-lit E Ink panel) costs 849 yuan (about $135). I assume this is the Wi-Fi model which costs $139 in the US (or $119 with ads).

Kindle Paperwhite photo

Onyx to launch two new Android E Ink e-readers and an E Ink smartphone soon

China-based Onyx is reportedly working on two new E Ink e-readers. Both will have Wi-Fi, a touch display, 4GB of RAM and a 1 GHz CPU. They will actually be Android (v2.3) tablets, limited by the E Ink display. The BOOX R65 will have an IR touchscreen while the BOOX C65 will have a capacitive touchscreen.

Onyx Boox R65 photo

There are also reports that the company is set to launch the E43 Android phone that has a 4.3" E Ink panel and the same 1 GHz cpu in a few months.

Will Microsoft buy B&N's Nook unit for $1 billion?

There are reports that Microsoft is considering to buy Nook Media in a deal worth $1 billion. Nook is making Android tablets and E Ink e-readers. If Microsoft will take control, it's likely that they will stop making Android tablets in favor of Windows ones (this was an expected move in any case). Nook Media is also expected to wind down the E Ink e-reader business, unfortunately.

Microsoft is already a shareholder in Nook - they hold 17.6% after investing $300 million when the unit was spun-off from B&N back in May 2012.

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